Sunday, December 10


So, Sarah and i got to "meet" Alec's ma and pa yesterday (ah, the wonders of the internet)! Apparently, they read my weblog. lieu of the conversation i'm putting up some random clips from the recent past...starring their very own pride and joy...

Alec trying sushi...

Alec recording for Sarah's e.e. cummings video...

More silliness at the Brite Spot on Thursday...this is Alec's favorite clip from that evening and he got really REALLY mad when i didn't put it up (not really).

And these are just from yesterday! I laugh hysterically every time i watch them.
This is what they are going to be like when they're in their 70's. Sarah force-feeding him guacamole as he stubbornly refuses yet one more bite...

"Eat it! Eat it!"
"I'm full! I'm so full!"
"No you're NOT!"

And here Alec is on the phone with his parents...

"I'm doing this for your own good."
"That last one hurt."
"I'm sorry, well if you wouldn't--"
"You poked my tongue!"
"Well I couldn't help it, you were kind of...resisting."

heehee! priceless new quote book material.

Well, that's all.

i have a scary horrible long week ahead of me. Finals. don't expect too much on here for the next few days. Everyone is sick...i'm just praying i don't get sick until at least after Thursday. :P
Oh...don't miss my entry below of all the pretty's my 300th post! yowz...

I hope everybody has a good week...and hi Alec's mom and dad over there in Texas!


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