Wednesday, June 27

sick and tired

hey back on Monday night and woke up Tuesday morning with one of the worst cases of the flu i have ever had. and the jet lag isn't helping...!
So when it doesn't hurt to type i'll put up pictures.

Italy was incredible...thanks for all the prayer. it did wonders. believe me...

Wednesday, June 6


Io vado a Italia...i'll be back on the 25th! Florence and Rome and wine and good art and good food here i come...!

(the best picture of me with short hair i have...i'm dancing around and singing to myself in the backyard)



Tuesday, June 5

i'm free!

On Sunday afternoon, as i mentioned before, my cousin Anna came over and i gave up my 3+ years worth of hair...

Here it is in the usual braid...


looking at these kind of makes me sad...

Here is Anna doing the deed! I was kind of freaking out while she cut layer after took her about a minute to get through all of it. note the look of glee on her face...

what you can't see in this picture are my legs curled up in anxiety-ridden panic as i squealed and squirmed with every slice of the shears...

all gone...!

I actually really like it...still getting used to it...
i never realised how heavy my hair was until i got up and ran to the back to the house to wet my head (so Anna could neaten it up) and there wasn't something pulling at the back of my skull every time i took a was amazing!! It's about 2 inches shorter than in the above picture.
Oh, and when i went running yesterday it felt so wonderful...and washing my hair afterward was marvelous! I smiled in the shower as instead of filling my palm with shampoo until it was spilling over the sides i splooted out a little quarter sized amount and scrunched it through. haha!
Even now my head keeps lolling forward as i still instinctively try to compensate for extra weight pulling my head's so weird. I'll try and get a picture of the finished product before tomorrow...when i leave for ITALY!!


Sunday, June 3

today's the day...

Off with her hair!! with mine. Anna will be here any minute to rid me of my butt-length locks. And i'm excited. And absolutely terrified...i'll miss my hair. ): But i have a headache right now from how heavy my braid is, so i won't miss that. Yesterday I was with Amaris all afternoon so she could take Lady in White pictures with my long out of control cheveux. So that was pretty neat.

Ohhh my it will be so nice...i hope i don't chicken out because i'm starting to get anxious. breathe....breathe.....

this is a very big deal for me. don't worry...i'll take pictures.