Sunday, October 30

welcome to mycult...

i just wanted to let you all know...i've joined a cult.

it's called MySpace. you can find me here.
i don't blog on it or anything...i'll still do that here. it's just one more way to keep track of people...and one more thing to keep track of!

Things are going pretty well. I've been really tired :P
lots of drawing...reading...drawing...not sleeping...

last weekend was my birthday, and my family and Pip, Andrew, Katie and Bettina all came down to Orange county, and surprised me by sitting through the enire Extended editions of the 1st and 3rd Lord of the Rings films. They know i would never ask them to do that for it was fun. (:
Sarah even made me a Middle Earth cake...
my middle-earth cake

I spent the week, also, reading MacDonald's Curdie books. WONDERFUL
And i've been listening to the new Sigur Ros album. AWESOME
Sarah and i are also en train de watching the entire 1st season of Lost on DVD. FUN

And tomorrow i'll spend Halloween doing homework! yay!

take care, everyone...

Sunday, October 16

Oh Baby!

Here's Joey, the world's happiest new daddy.

On Wednesday, October 12, baby Caid was born...8lbs, 21 inches and showing off the infamous hallmark of the family...insanely chubby cheeks!

Click on this link to head on over to ...his very own Myspace page...a must for any baby of the 21st century!

Sunday, October 9

The Greatest Title Ever

i think...i think i may have the internet down in Orange now. I'm going back tonight after being home for the weekend and i'll give it a shot.
School is going pretty well...i've been able to do some nice artwork already, which is a good thing.

It's been cooold! I love it. Yesterday mom and Sarah and i went out and got pumpkins. When we got there, we found out that for about 14 dollars you could take home as many as one person could of course i got piled with 4 big ol' pumpkins, and they even gave us one more. Just to be nice.
What a deal, eh?

I updated the sidebar a bit...yea, i haven't been doing a whole lot of reading lately...though the list is piling up! I've mostly just been re-reading my Bone graphic novels.
I saw "Everything is Illuminated" last weekend. Good little film. It had it's flaws, but i enjoyed it.

This post is completely and totally pointless. I wanted to go into some intelligent exhoration in response to Ariel's post, but i'm far too braindead. bbblllllaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I really don't feel like going back tonight. I never thought i would miss being here at this house! Well, mostly i just miss my family. It would be nice if we still lived in our other house...

Anyway...i hope everyone is faring well!

p.s. still no baby...her due date was on any time!

Saturday, October 1

love bear

hi there all...

just wanted to say