Saturday, July 29

a few pics

Austria and Prague were wonderful!
a taste...







I had an amazing time...thank you for all the prayers...
I'll post more pics &c later.
Jet lag...yuck!

Monday, July 10

Auf Wiedersehen

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See you all in about 2.5 weeks...

Friday, July 7


Two amazing things happening on Tuesday the 11th...

First of all...i'm going to Austria! (actually i'm pretty nervous...but i'm trying not to think about that...)


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I can't take it!

  • The Eraser

  • The Avalanche

  • PLUS Sufjan just announced the dates for his FALL TOUR!

    Life just doesn't get any better!

    Wednesday, July 5


    i hate being sick. uuulg.

    i leave for europe on tuesday...i'm majorly stressed out...there's so much i still have to do to get ready to go...and i can't even see straight! aagh!