Thursday, December 28

Jellied asparagus anyone? Perhaps a nice mushy football?

Last night i had a long, winding confusing dream...of which i can recall only bits and peices.

One part consists of a series of events leading me to a picture which is pretty much impossible to describe. I remember i was looking for my dad, who happened to be a tall, rough looking black man (don't ask how i knew this). The sky is grey, and the muted hues of the scenery are in stark contrasts (like some highly stylized fantasy movie).
Coming around a wall on a dirt road, i see something like a large thatched-roof cottage, 20 or so feet high, but with a whole side knocked off of it. It is next to a long, high overhang, and they are attached. Under this overhang there is an explosion of activity. It looks like a blacksmith's shop, there is steam rising everywhere, kilns, ovens, tables, people moving around quickly and determined. The activity spreads out past the overhang and into a shallow lot around which the wall i am passing encircles. I enter the fray, wondering what is going on. Strangely, i recognize nearly everyone i see...noticing that most of them are people from school. And then i realize, surprised, that i have just walked in on one of the classes LCAD offers.
Exceedingly curious, i make my way under the overhang to see what people are making. I observe, all over the tables, various vibrantly colorful objects, sports equiptment, fruit, even a tray of what looks like eyeballs, all fashioned out of the same gelatinous substance boiling and frothing in the cauldrons and kettles all around me. It's not gelatin...because everything has to be kept hot. and it's all kind of lumpy.
People are pouring it, shaping it...i don't know how they colored it. i was immensely astounded and really really confused as to what the point of all this was. i was even a little bit disturbed by it. i remember standing there, in the middle of it all, thinking "what the heck...??" But everyone looked like they were having a pretty good time so i tried to forget it. i remember specifically seeing a pretty convincing banana split...I continued walking around the tables, examining the firey ovens, chatting every once in a while.

i never did find my "dad".


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