Monday, February 28

numa numayay!



just look.

I love laughing out loud when i'm all by myself.
just warning you, the sound gets a little messed up towards the end.

reminds me of something...anyone recall Star Wars Kid?

p.s. I found this on Myles' blog... Taking Off and Landing

Saturday, February 26


Today i'm going down to Laguna College to turn in my porfolio, transcripts, letter and essay. i thought i'd post the small statement i wrote for the just gives a little insight into me.
wish me luck...

I can’t pinpoint the exact time I heard about LCAD, and this is either because it sounded too good to be true, or I just have a bad memory. I do, however, remember being more intrigued by it that any of the other art schools I had looked into. Pretty much all of my life I had assumed I would go to Art Center College of Design; it was where my parents went, it’s an exceptional school, and it’s close to where I live. When I began going to school at Pasadena City College (PCC), I began to feel, to my dismay, that Art Center was not the place for me.

I think I’ve found myself in a dilemma many young people are experiencing today, that in this glorious age of experimentation, computers and digital media…I just want to draw. I want to use a pencil, to mold a kneaded eraser into that perfect point, I want to hold a stick of charcoal and actually get my hands dirty. I’ve always been prompted to take more computer classes, get into graphic design, learn web design, etc. And I did all of those things, did well in them, and even enjoyed them. But then I’d go home and make one of my friends pose for me, and I’d get some paper and a few conte pencils…and forget all about merging layers, ppi’s, and the difference between vectors and pixels. People always ask me if I want to go to Art Center College, and are surprised when I say no…until I explain why.

I would love to go to Laguna College of Art and Design because it’s the only school I’ve seen that exhibits such a commitment to the essential art of drawing (no pun intended); and though it hasn’t shied away from the new developments in the creative world, it has not abandoned it’s roots. I was ecstatic to hear of it’s emphasis on the study of the human figure, my absolute favorite subject to work from. The first year providing students with a colorful variety of art forms is, in my opinion, a wonderful idea, and one that brings out one’s full potential and area of passion. My year of no small amount of panic came to a halt when I learned about LCAD. Having visited the campus a number of times, I’ve had the privilege to see student work, and students at work, and it inspires me. These people really love what they’re doing…and it shows.

Needless to say, art is what I delight in, it’s where I find satisfaction, and aside from my faith in God, it’s what keeps me going. It’s my natural “high”, my way to free my mind, to temporarily forget what’s going on around me, and just focus on what’s in front of me, or inside of me. When my parents would have models come every Thursday to pose in our studio for three hours, it was often the highlight of my week. People who know me well recognize what joy it brings me to simply sit and draw, for three hours or three minutes…it has the same effect. To be able to have a way to be at rest while creating something I can be proud of is, I know, a rare thing, and something to treat as a gift. 

I know LCAD will be a vital step in my growth and maturation as an artist. There is so much I have left to learn, and though it sounds daunting, it also excites me knowing what I could receive, and give as a student there. I’m ready at this point to make art my real focus, and not just some thing I do for fun (without losing that aspect of it, of course). And what better place for me to do so that LCAD?

For the past 4 years of being at PCC I prayed that it would be made clear to me what I was meant to do, and I think it has. Doors have opened, and events have come to pass, just within the last few months that have, hopefully, given me my answer. I only regret how long it has taken me to come to this place in my life, but I believe in the Lord’s perfect timing so I’m not too worried. I’m also prepared to accept that Laguna College may not be part of what is planned for me; yet greater still is the hope that it‘s exactly where I‘m supposed to be.


Friday, February 25

in response to the comments on the last post...

i agree wholeheartedly, ross.
Pip and i breifly discussed this yesterday...i think if any judgement based on the criteria you suggested had been offered, i would have racked up a much higher score.
but, in a way, i'm not a nerd at all...i'm a geek. Nerds like computers, math, calculators, etc.
Geeks pride themselves on knowledge of books, movies and music. I'm a geek. Definitely.
So i guess, in a way, the test proved it's point rather well.

By the way, on the picture of the girl, did anyone else notice the elf-ears???

Wednesday, February 23

I am nerdier than 23% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

i'm a figures!

Let me know what you guys got.
still raining.

Monday, February 21

it hailed today...about the closet thing i'll ever see to snow in Pasadena.
if you click on the picture, you can see a bigger version of it.

Driving through it to go to work this evening was a bit tedious...i couldn't really see where i was going. In addition, in my neigborhood, there were literal rivers of brown, muddy water running down the streets and into the one i was driving on. Despite how slow i drove, my truck couldn't keep from looking like one of those mud-soaked SUV's you see on car commercials.
I felt very tough.

A few minutes later, as i got on the freeway, It suddenly began clearing up. "Oceania" by Bjork came on, and i gazed up at the clean sky, and smiled at the bit of blue poking through the storm clouds. It was pretty cool.

Needless to say, work was pretty slow. I guess no one wanted to be out driving this evening for some reason. Pip stopped in for a spell, and my family came in to visit me, too, which was very nice...they even stayed for dinner.
At one point, i walked into the waiting room, where Nena (a woman i work with) was about to take 3 people to sit down, two men, well-on in years, and a woman who looked to be in her mid-60's. Standing in front of Nena was one of the elderly men, perhaps between 75 and 80 years old. He was bundled in a very large, drab, plaid jacket and had a black cap on his head. He stood a bit hunched over, and supported himself on 2 canes, one in each hand.
I walked into the room just in time to see him say to Nena, "well watch this." And with absolutey no warning, he handed her the canes, curled his hands into two fists, and bent slowly but steadily forward and touched his knuckles firmly to the floor...unwaveringly, knees perfectly straight. The other man smiled on in approval, while the woman merely rolled her eyes and gave her head a little shake, as if becoming bored with his, "showing off". He then took his canes back from Nena, and proceeded to walk shakily into the dining room.

Needless to say, it amused and delighted me greatly. I pointed him out to my family as they walked past, and they hardly believed me when i told them about it. to study German...did i mention I'm taking German 2? Did i also mention that i was crazy?'s raining again.

Sunday, February 20

Tuesday, February 15

I've been doing some experimenting in photoshop, i figured i might as well put some of it up.
here's a picture of me i played with.


Friday, February 11

Es regnet.



Il pluit.

Wednesday, February 9

It's taken me a long time to post this.


all at this very moment. It's been a strangely uneventul yet agonizingly trying couple of weeks. I'm so freaked out...yet anxious for, the day i'll boil over. which could mean many things. It has the potential to be a disaster or a blessing...depending on the developing state of my heart.
sooooooooooooo much so many lives around me...and i'm still waiting for mine to get started.
Birth, death, marriage, success, failure, change.
Do i look forward to change? i think so. i know so...

I'm afraid. The enemy is hounding the last week i've felt it ever more strongly. I'm not afraid of him...i'm past that now. What am i afraid of...? I'm afraid of giving him victory.
It's hard when so many people don't know what's really going on with you...and they all think you're okay...because that's what you always tell them.

I don't ask this very often...but Please please pray for me.

Monday, February 7

Jesus loves me.
i've known my two of my dearest friends since before i was 10.
Ich lerne Deutsch.
I can be an obsessive organized control freak...
But i can't manage to keep my half of the room clean.
I'm terrible at math.
Seriously, i scraped through elementary algebra a couple of years ago in college with a C...because the teacher felt sorry for me.
My favorie band is Radiohead.
I will never not want to eat Sushi.
I am a Ringer (aka, a lord of the Rings fan).
I've read Lord of the Rings 4 times since i was 18.
I'm in a band called Shephanim.
What irks me: When people don't use their turn signals.
I hate television...
but i'm undeniably addicted to the OC.
I have swum in the Mediterranean.
When i was a kid i my cousins and i wrote musicals.
I'm one of the goofiest people in my family.
I'm also one of the most the most antisocial people in my family.