Tuesday, December 12

portraiture final

Sarah requested that i post this. Here are some pictures of a few of the final paintings in my portrait class yesterday...beautiful, beautiful work!! I'm so honored to be part of such a talented group of students. it really is a blessing.

click [spryly] to enlarge

In the first photo you can see my painting of Sarah in the turquoise dress...it's not finished yet, and i've actually done a lot more on it since i took these. The second half of the critique is tomorrow. So i'll put up a more recent picture soon. It's kind of funny, the painting next to mine of the blonde girl standing is one that my friend Nick did of his younger sister, and she and Sarah have the exact same expression on their face. We found that amusing. His isn't quite done either...but it's beautiful isn't it? The painting on the upper right is of his older brother...also unfinished, but it was for another class.

The other two pictures are just to show how talented my class is. (:

Well, i had a horrible night last night...and the nighgt before that...so i'm a totally exhausted ball of nerves right now...SWEET! That guy who smokes a lot just came up and talked to me. His hair is all bushy and he needs to pull his pants up. He blew smoke rings. He's funny.
It's cool and sunny and lovely...but i can hardly process it. My friend Lindsey came up to me and told me how LONNNG my hair is. (yes! i know! it's obscenely long and wavy!)
I heard some teachers talking about whales breaching out in the ocean this morning...they're on their migration north...or south...or wherever they're going...(kind of like me!)

You should see all the typing mistakes i've been making...for example...i just typed that last sentence entirely in caps before i realized what was wrong...
i'm going to drive back to my apartment and take a nap then come back for my final sculpture class.

Then i will be up all night tonight trying to finish my super huge epic painting of Pip! I'm so excited!

tomorrow's gonna be fun...9-hour school day...yessss....D:


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sarah said...

you're painting is looking so very beautiful.
i love you.

i'm praying for you.