Friday, December 29


Yesterday i was super tired. I went into my room and Beau was on my bed...
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Then he laid his head on the windowsill and went to sleep.
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He looked i joined him.
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Here's a picture of my lovely mom at lunch today...
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This evening two of My dad's cousins and their kids all came out for New Years Weekend. There was a big ol' gathering at Tom and Jeannie's where we had Zankou Chicken and pie.
Wren, Aunt Robin and John were there, Jan and Bob and David came by, and Jeremy and Christina and their one-year-old son Elijah were in town so they came, too! That was an awesome surprise.
I don't see my third cousins very often...but it's always wonderful (and scary) to see how much they've grown up.
You know what's REALLY scary...?
These boys were about a foot shorter last time i saw they're taller than me. And their voices are all deep. And they're in college. Being business majors and stuff.
It's scary.
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But they're really neat guys. So that always makes it a little bit less scary. (:
Clayton, the one on the far left, does a pretty amazing Smeagol impression. His Gandalf's not too shabby either.

Once or twice i got a wee bit overwhelmed with all the people (i had no idea so many were going to be there), especially as they were all arriving (you know, with the greeting and the hugging and the talking really loud) and retreated to the safety of the hallway with my cousin Johnny. "Ooh, wow, look at all these pictures!" he said, pretending to examine photographs that have been hung in their hall for at least 20 years. I laughed...

But things got better once everyone calmed down. I got to talk to Christina, Justin, my aunt Robin and her boyfriend John. I even had the privelage of making a complete geek out of myself when someone asked me a Lord of the Rings question and i was able to answer it nauseatigly fast. (8

Now mom and i are going to watch Sense and Sensibility.


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Thanks for this. A unique insight into someone else's life half way across the world

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