Saturday, April 30

cookie decorating!

Laurel Bettina Sarah and i decorated cookies last week. No particular reason.
Sorry for the lack of posts...been a little uninspired this week.

You know, sometimes you just get so tired and you don't know why.
Well, i know why. But it's silly. At least to me.


Thursday, April 21

there there

So here i am. It's a warm day (a bit too warm for me), I'm out of school for the week, i'm drowsy, and i'm lisening to an early live recording of a There There (by Radiohead) played at a show in 2002. Mp3 provided by none other that Ross the Great. Thank you thank you, good sir.
The song has certainly come a long way.

Here's a picture of me and Katie, by the way, at Pip's birthday party.

Last night Kristina was here and we raided the liquor cabinet...some of the stuff in there is from the 70's! We made ourselves little mixed drinks with Bailey's and Creme de Menthe &c. It was quite good.

I'm tired. This evening we're having a girl's prayer meeting so that's something to look fprward to, and i think Sarah and i are going to watch Lawrence of Arabia again tonight. This time with Kristina...she's never seen it. So that'll be fun.

I'm sure this is very interesting to you all.

We Suck Young Blood Just Started...i like it, but it's putting me to sleep. I really was going to write more...but i think i'll go lay down. It's been a long week of long nights.

bis montag...vielleicht...

Monday, April 18

do it

You won't be cool if you don't.

In the proud tradition of The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon comes one more spectacular fusion of sight and sound...

Like 12 Monkeys?

Like OK Computer?

Well you probably already know this then.
BUT if not, then put on the dvd of 12 Monkeys (on mute), and have OK Computer ready to go on pause. On the dvd, as soon as you see the flash of light coming 'round the world for the Universal logo...hit play on the CD.

prepare to be astounded.


Sunday, April 17

today was an awful day.

not sure why...

Friday, April 15


real quick...
us at the land of Disney.

That's me next to the girl who does not look like my sister. I'm crouching so low in this realize that i'm actually about 4 inches taller that Sarah, my sister, the "dark one". (;

it's been a weird day...

Thursday, April 14


it's getting tense around here...

lots of yelling and screaming and all-around gaiety...makes for interesting mornings! It's not always like that, just lately. In that respect, it will be nice to move out this summer.

then there are good times. like fun with nutella.

The problem with Spring Break is that i have a lot of homework...but have i done any of it?

I've got other things to do! Like taking walks! Laying in the sun! Watching dvd's into the far reaches of the night! Going to Disneyland!
We're doing Disneyland today...Laurel's younger sisters have never been. Laurel only went for the first time on my birthday in October, as you see here.

it ought to be a splendid time.

Jeff Smith was at Vromans Tuesday night, i had the last volume of Bone signed by him.
So that's kinda cool.vol9

Well, i suppose i should go finish getting ready. The happiest place on earth is waiting...

Sunday, April 10

this is the title

Happy Birthday to Pip.

It was on the 6th. Yesterday was his raging partaaay. We had excellent fare, good company, and some very engaing rounds of Mafia.
It was much fun, Pip. You should be proud.

Stayed home from church today to be on grandparent duty so my mom could go.
In the past years as he's gotten older, my grandpa has been known to say rhymes or sing songs off the top of his head whenever he happens to remember them. Usually a little diddy from the 40's, or a slightly vulgar quip to make my grandma mad.

The surprise is no longer his suddenly saying them, but what it is he's going to say.
While he and grandma were in the living room and i was making them lunch, i heard my grandpa recite...

"Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
and Jill came tumbling after."

He paused, apparently satisfied with having remembered the whole thing, then said, "Isn't that the dumbest thing?" and his eyes wandered, unfocused, in my grandma's direction.

Grandma kept her eyes on the golf game. "I wonder what that means..." she said quietly, "...broke his crown..."

Grandpa frowned slightly. "Don't you know?? He broke his head!!!"

"Oh I know," replied my grandma. "It's just--"

"What do they care anyway. The people who wrote those things," said grandpa.

Grandma thought for a moment. "Well," she began, "it might have had something to do with the views on the monarchy at that time--"

"Whatever," said my grandpa.

And that was that!

He's been behaving himself pretty well today...which is nice. Because i'm tired. It's gorgeous outside, though...I got some lovely sun on my shoulders. I'm so glad to be on spring break this week.
I don't want to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Have a happy Sunday.

Saturday, April 9

Yesterday i took grandma out into the garden where mom was working, and she had quite a lovely time. Here she is watering the tomato plants...and enjoying every minute of it...


She also turned 88 yesterday...i hope i never live that long!

Friday, April 8

#16: They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From the Dead!! Ahhhhh!

More Sufjan news! The track listing for "Illinois" is out...and it looks amazing. Pip sent me the link... and here's the link for you!

Wednesday, April 6

WHAT THE #!@#$???

$2.61 for a gallon of Gas............??????????!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Monday, April 4


So, i'm trying not to worry.
i'm trying not to worry about a great many things, none of which warrant no worry themselves, as they are that which give me the most reason to allow worry to enter into my daily functioning, but nevertheless are subject to being dealt with as such that they are, as things of which i see as worrisome...but can no longer be called so.
That made no sense...i think. But didn't it sound smart?? :P

All ridiculousness aside, i do worry too much. it drives me nutty. yes, nutty.

There are about 3.8 million things running through my head that i want to write about...yet i just spent the last 2 minutes staring at the screen.
You'll just have to wait.
I am sincerely sorry.

There's a little bug drinking my milk...

Friday, April 1


Fun times in the backyard this evening with Pip, laurel and Sarah. Pip with his new (and now nonexistant) hawk...which i was very sorry to shave off.


sarah and laurel