Tuesday, December 19

Friendship Destroyer

Yesterday evening saw a gathering of folks participating in the good, clean fun of a family pastime. It began with an innocent game of Balderdash, wherein someone is chosen to pick a card with a strange word on it, and the players all try to think up a plausible definition for said word. All the bogus definitions are collected together and read aloud...with the real definition mixed in there somewhere, put there by the one who recites them. The aim is for everyone else to try and figure out which one is the real meaning of the word. It is quite enjoyable.
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Somewhere in there (as seems to happen), things disintegrated into a new game we'd like to call "Friendship Destroyer".

It is basically the same idea...except the word in question now became the person in question. For example, at one point, i was the "chosen one", and everyone else had to try and think up something about me that wasn't true...but COULD be true, and write it down. I then wrote down something about myself that no one knew, and mixed it up with their cards. I then read them out loud and they had to decide which one was the truth.

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Alec said...

where's alec?

sarah said...

that game was real fun.

i hope we do it again.