Monday, September 21

babes, picnics, tapirs.

well, to put it simply, my days have become not only increasingly more and more (redundantly redundant) busy, but i swear, simultaneously shorter and shorter. i just don't have enough time to do even everything that needs to be done. like blogging! because i know you all set your calendars to my posts.

real quick...of late developments:
2 new jobs: background painter for warner bros., and substitute teacher at maranatha
moving on friday. new apartment! and i haven't even started packing!
large portrait commission in the works
traveling back east in less than 2 weeks
running a lot...up to 3 miles now!
trying to finish 2 other head drawings to enter into a show by the end of the month

and that's not even taking into account all the craziness going on around me with friends and family &c.
ok done updating.

so what am i doing up at 2:30 in the morning?
well, as much as i desperately need my sleep, i am instead lying awake in bed with a mind running 140 mph. because it doesn't seem to matter how tired i brain will not shut down. it's ridiculous. and i'm trying not to get into the habit of taking my anti-anxiety meds before i go to bed every night :D

so i figured i might as well take advantage of the insomnia and be marginally productive. i've been meaning to post this stuff for a week.
therefore, i proudly present, some pictures and 4 amazing videos from last weekend!

birthday gathering for joey last saturday. lots of playing and wrestling on the lawn.
and cuteness.

Caid being a Tapir
(yes, a Tapir)
this one makes me smile

video of Caid pretending to be said Tapir:

Caid being a Water Bat
(yes, a Water Bat)
wondering what a water bat is? well, you can find out a bit about them in this video:

best line: "i live in the night!"

oh, and just in case you were wondering what water bats drink:

playing with big brother

bare, charred san gabriel mountains :(

goofing around after church...

what's funny about this picture, is i have one of johnny and david doing the exact same thing when they were about 14 years old...i'll have to find it.

bob REALLY needs grandkids.

sunday afternoon picnic in the park!
i think joey, alec and jeff all just discovered bugs in their burgers.

oh, and by the way, Beatles Rock Band... really fun.


Saturday, September 5