Wednesday, July 29

a few july videos

first off, from the 4th of july...pip and reid trying to figure out a dance they saw on youtube...

secondly, from the biola conference, after jeff bishop tells us about his favorite G. K. Chesterton book, kelly enlightens us about some favorite "classics" of her own...

and this one, also from the biola conference is just plain happy. anna monarrez singing "down by the bay" with the kids (she's magical, i tell you), and the happiness that ensues. (caid's response, by the way, is something about "meat")


Monday, July 27

you sick of babies swimming in the pool yet? cuz i'm not.

have you ever seen anyone so happy to eat a pb&j sandwich?

i really like this one

time to get sun-blocked

standing up!!

motorboat, motorboat

cam and gwennie
fun with mommy

aaaa! alligator!

if you're happy and you know it...

Saturday, July 25


praying. morning walk. cold pizza. cold coffee. classical music. drinking tea. drawing faces. reading stories.

Saturday, July 18

Happy Wedding, Laura and Thad...


Friday, July 17

why i have disappeard...

~well, of course, there's the fact that i've been out of town a lot...retreats and stuff...
~people visiting (memphis, san diego, richmond)
~healing from surgery (not moving around a lot for a while)
~looking for work (boooo)
~doing commissions (no spare time whatsoever)
~finding work (yaaaay)
~doctor's appointments (far, far away)
~preparing to move in the near future
~lots of praying (my strength)
~lots of writing (my stability)
~lots of reading (my sanity)
~trying to be with my family (we all need mutual support)
~sleeping (not staying up too late)
~driving (everywhere. constantly.)
~planning trips for the fall
~SAVING $MONEY$ (very bad for social life)
~student loans and medical bills (very bad for saving money)
~getting ready for Laura's wedding
-practicing song
-chauffering bridesmaids
-drinking coffee
~TOMORROW is Laura and Thad's WEDDING
~dealing with my mentalness
~dealing with uncertainties
~next week...dealing with everything resulting from this stuff! :D

but it's been good to be busy.

maybe soon i'll see my friends again. super! call me.


Monday, July 13

right quick

biola was an overwhelmingly deep pool of God's love, glory, and exhortation...a fact that has become more and more apparent, almost hour by hour since i came back home.

going online for the first time since returning from the retreat yesterday hit me with an immediate and surprisingly strong shock in that i realized how nauseated by this world i have become. the degradation of government, frivolity of hollywood, the idolatry of corruption, the blatant self-centered nastiness and worthlessness rampant on the time-waster that is facebook...

i find myself to be, at times, very impulsive. it is how i will write posts that a few hours later i delete. it is how i sometimes say things i immediately regret--and therefore often don't say much at all. it is how i wind up with shoes i don't like and shirts i don't wear.

yesterday i almost deleted my facebook account after being on it for all of 12 seconds.

then my brain (as it is finally beginning to do) kicked in before i acted on impulse and reminded me that facebook has provided me with vital networking, the ability to communicate with certain people, and also i am able to keep tabs on younger people i care about.

so i didn't. but i think i have a permanent averse-ness to it now, which is probably a good thing.

time to get going.


Wednesday, July 8

as reid so eloquently put it in his facebook status...

"well, its no westmont, but biola here i come"


Friday, July 3

babies in [pool]water

some pictures and videos of when joey brought the kids over to swim a few days ago...

gwennie wasn't really a fan at first...

bless you

joey, caid, gwen, grammie and anna

caid found a grasshopper in the pool...
and the ensuing video...

a little while before the video was taken, one of the dogs did, indeed, have a piece of poo stuck to her butt. what that had to do with the death of the grasshopper...? it's a mystery.