Wednesday, December 20

As Promised...



(Edit: I tried watching a few after publishing this post and they seem to have some trouble playing...try double clicking them once or twice if they do...that seems to work)

Alec serenading us with his pipes of gold...

(Pip: "Will you take me for a walk, my master?? Please??")

Sarah=the Cutest award
Alec=the Mostest Silliest
Pip=the Magical Dancing Machine

it's too bad this one is so hard to see

more Pip magic...the latter half is gold

This one just makes me smile...

shoobie doo...


Bye Bye Beardie (clever, ich weiss)

Step 1: the trim

Step 2: lather up (humming Star Wars is KEY)

Step 3: shave it off...shave it ALL OFF (Hurt is KEY)

Step 4: gaze in bewildered wonder (and comb your hair)


At the Pikes...

Amaris, Chad, Laurel, auntie and uncle...

Chad and Laurel left today. ): Along with Kallista, Stefan and their Pa...we hardly got to spend any time with those three at all. But at least we got to see them, it's amazing how tall and beautiful Kallista is becoming. And Stefan just cracks me up...apparently he's really into watching foreign movies with subtitles.
We won't see Chad and Laurel again until May...when they get MARRIED! aghh!


That is all. There is much sickness afoot to off to bed i go. Maybe i can sleep off this sore throat...


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Ched said...

Very Entertaining. i've got to learn dance moves like that.