Sunday, November 27

long way to go

It's 3:48 in the morning and i'm oooooh, a little over half done with (one of) my final projects due this coming week. It's a darn good thing i'm enjoying my classes or i'd be royally peeved...instead of just really....really tired.
i just had to respell "really" 4 times.

I haven't been to church in nearly a month and a half...isn't that terrible? i've fallen willingly prey to the "i have more important things to do" mindset. i've been able to get to Bible study on Fridays...which is always wonderful. We're studying Luke. But church is harder.

For so so many reasons. Sundays i have to drive back to Orange, i have homework, i need to got to the market, i'll just talk to Jesus before i go to bed tonight.

i know i'm suffering without Him. i can blame my problems on anything i want but it won't do me any good because even i know there's really no excuse. There's just too much going on. Talking to people is just too hard for me right now. Especially God...

Well i should call it a night. Go steal a sliver of pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving, take a shower to wash the dirt out of my hair and go to bed. For 4 hours?
We'll see...

now hearing: Hurt, covered by Johnny Cash

Saturday, November 19

Think you're too good for Harry Potter?

Then you should see this film anyway. Absolutely brilliant.

Sunday, November 13


should watch this.

it'll do you good...

tell me why!