Saturday, May 31

i forgot!

Tuesday (the 27th) was the 4-year anniversary of this weblog.
it's weird to think of how much has happened since i started this.
pretty crazy (2004)...and wonderful (2005)...and amazing (2006) too.

dinner sounds good.


Friday, May 30

it's been a while

Yesterday was my friend Tiffany's birthday. After an afternoon with our friends at Disneyland and a dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, we went to a 21:55 showing of "The Fall".

i don't want to say much, because i really knew almost nothing before seeing it.
i will say, however, that i don't remember the last time i was so completely absorbed into a movie. it is unique in expected ways: visually, of course...and unexpected: like the interactions between the two main characters, and the fact that the fantastical elements, though glorious and stunning, do not take themselves too you will understand if you see it. and i think it works out beautifully.

anyway that's all. :)

this is just my opinion. i recommend going in with no expectations. Sarah always says i build things up too much.

know what? just...forget i wrote anything.



better late than never...!
PHOTO ALBUM on facebook

a few of my favorites...


it was such a beautiful time, in so many ways.

thank You, Lord


Monday, May 26

~novel thought~

i really need to stop relying on certain things to happen in order to be happy. i need to stop depending on other people to make me feel worthwhile, because people are faulty. no one has necessarily wronged me...i'm just still so very insecure. i really rediscovered this over the last day or so. and i'm achey.
the Lord was so good at Oakbridge. i hope i can apply even a fraction of His Word to my life. how do i begin to comprehend it...? how do i weave it into places where i still feel so much conflict...

i'm tired right now so that's probably not helping my melancholy.

pictures &c soon...


auntie robin's wedding...


new cousins

Reid's "i just tried champagne" face...

jeff, joey and anna sang beautifully


Friday, May 23

fell asleep in the sun 2 days ago...



i am blessed

on sunday my wonderful family and some of my friends came over to celebrate my graduation...

Sarah, lovely Katie, and me

Edan even got serenaded by Pip, Jeff and Alec...

Wednesday at midnight i saw Indiana Jones with my fantastic friends...

i don't have much to saw about the film except that i wish i could get those 2+ hours of my life back and...i don't know...pull my own teeth out...

yesterday it RAINED like it was January again. thunder, lightning, and the studio started flooding so mom's interns (who are also my friends from school) and i had to run and get sandbags to block the rising water...

last night was auntie Robin's wedding, i have pictures from that that i will put up when i can. i'm leaving for the Oakbridge retreat today, but not for a while.