Tuesday, January 1


pretty sky.

pretty girl.

lunch with sister and cousin.

Happy Neue Jahr!


i kind of had a small inward meltdown over the last few days and i can't quite decide if it's over yet...i kind of want to go crawl in bed and cry...but at the same time i'm a little excited about taking a shower and crawling into bed and reading.
it's weird because it literally fluctuates numerous times throughout the day. i'll feel a certain way (i.e. scared, hopeless, panicked, &c...) and do a bunch of stuff, drive somewhere, or write like crazy...and then after about an hour i'll say 'what the hell was wrong with me?' recant stuff, apologize, and feel like a total spaz...only to be back in the same place later in the day.

God is really testing my patience right now. Because waiting on matters of the heart and head are at the bottom of my competence list. And so, as is His wont, He is making me wait.

In the words of Inigo...'I hate waiting.'

oh yeah...and my hair is gone.


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