Wednesday, January 16

potential for a good start

The semester is under way and i am ready to go (i think)!
figure painting, figure drawing, watercolor, senior portfolio, and senior capstone round out my 5 days a week. i'm also beginning to narrow down my ideas for my final portfolio and it's terribly scary and terribly exciting to think about. let's try just focusing on exciting, colleen. okay.
i moved i have one with a i can draw or paint people from life with natural light!! i'm elated. it's pretty messed up right now, but hopefully i'll get it all set up and lovely before the weekend is over. this semester more people are moving in to take the place of those who left, so it will be a fresh start all around. :)

i woke up late this morning and didn't even notice my sore throat and stuffy head until i got to school. i took sudafed and i've been downing cold-eez to try and fend off this nasty bug!! i will not succumb!! tomorrow i will gloat my victory.



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