Monday, January 28

Matthew 17:17 – Then Jesus answered and said …Bring them hither to me.

‘Have you a “him” about whom you are anxious? Bring him to Me. Have you a “her”? Bring her to Me. We can even turn the pronoun to “it”—thus crushing the burden of the state the world, the grief and misery that overwhelms us if we think at all—Bring it to Me. We can turn the word to “all”—the problems of our work with its cares and questions, and more personal cares and anxieties too—Bring all to Me.
‘And there are joys, too. Don’t let us bring only griefs and anxieties, but also thanks and praises.
‘Bring him to Me.
‘Bring her to Me.
‘Bring it to Me.
‘Bring it all to Me.”

~Amy Carmichael

Lord my spirit is pained and tired. i'm not afraid of what you are doing. i'm not. it just hurts.


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