Saturday, January 27

good show!

Well, it's 1am and Blogger will mark this as a Saturday post so...i'll refer to tonight as "last night..."

So last night was the reception for the exhibition of the artwork inspired by the trip to Europe last summer...and i put my epic painting in it. Remember the painting i was all panicked about a few months ago? Well that was the one...yes, i actually did finish it. It kind of took on a life of its own and turned out quite different than what i had expected it to. I entitled it "Hope".
I got amazingly encouraging feedback about it last night as the gallery was crowded with students, teachers and various perusers of artwork. And guess what? it sold! Someone bought it! I couldn't believe it!! So that was wonderful.

Here's a picture of me next to it taken a few days ago. i'm still waiting to get a good photograph of the actual painting because it looks so much different in person. There is a lot more color and subtlety. And i'm picky when it comes to how my work is reproduced...which i should probably get over because no reproduction is ever exactly like the original...but still.

So next week it's being shipped off to a private collection in! sniff. i'll miss my was such a labor of love and hate and epiphany and frustration...sigh.


At around 8 i'm getting grandmother's memorial service is a 10:30. I don't really know how i feel about it...i'm kind of dreading it. It will be a celebration of her life, and as Christians we're all so joyful that she's with Jesus now...but my grandma was Catholic, so it will be at the church that she and my grandpa went to years ago. I really really don't like ritualistic funerals...but at least my family and i get to sing some hymns. I'm glad we could slip some of that into the liturgy. My sincere apologies to any Catholics out there...but i'm just not a fan of liturgies.

Well i should go to bed. First i have to get Sarah to clear off the sofa so i can pull out the bed and go to sleep. My uncle Steve is staying where i sleep in the office, and my cousins Beth and Kat (and Kat's 2 month old baby Sophia) are in my grandma's bedroom. Full house once again...

good night...


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