Monday, January 15

My grandma is dying. I think it's safe to say that she will be gone in a few days...

i'm about to drive back to Orange...i start school in the morning. i just said good bye to my grandma. i told her how much i loved her and i told her all the things i am grateful for that she has brought to my life. She couldn't talk to me...she opened her eyes for a few seconds at one point...and every time i said i loved her she tried to mouth it back to me.
walking away from her was so hard to do...

now i have to go.



Jeff said...

I am praying for you guys Colleen. My Grandy (my dad's mom) died Sunday. It is hard. The Lord is good, and I know I will see her in heaven. :-)

colleen said...

Jeff i'm so sorry. It's funny how some of these things seem to happen at the same time.
i typed this post rather quickly...but i am so so glad she will be with the Lord soon. It is a beautiful wonderful thing...i'll just miss her so much.
i hope your guys are doing well and i hope your return to NY has been a good one. (:

Thanks for your prayers and friendship...I cherish them very much.