Thursday, January 4

Well, i was just going to write about some stuff, but i was...shall you say...interrupted.
An ambulance service just left with my grandma to take her to the hospital...she was having trouble we're hoping everything is okay. Dad and Juanita went with them. Mom and i are going to get some dinner and then we're heading over there ourselves.

The best part's raining! As the EMTs were securing grandma to the gurney my mom joked with her saying..."You just had to pick the night it started raining, huh mom?"
"Well, of course," my grandma said quietly back with a little smile.

i held the umbrella over my grandma's head as she was rolled outside with a poncho draped over her. it was quite amusing. I think she's going to be alright...we're just being safe...sigh.

It's amazing how much less stressful it is to call a service as opposed to 911. No fire engines, no 6 big men stomping around in their flashy uniforms with walkie talkies...anyway...

more later...i gots to go


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