Tuesday, November 7

All lost when we found Love...

Pip+Alec+Colleen+Sarah=In My Chariot of Sleep


I voted this morning in Pasadena and drove to Laguna to register for classes at 10am. I gave myself about 2 hours in case of traffic, and set off smoothly. The mountains were clear and beautiful and i was glad there was no slowing, but my heart still felt heavy. I can't explain my mood...my moods have been kind of strange lately for various varieties of mostly silly reasons...but that's besides the point.

By the time i got to the 57 the traffic stopped dead. I was a little worried, only because if i didn't make it to my registration appointment on time i wouldn't get the classes i needed, and i only had a ten minute window in which to place said registration. But i knew that if i was supposed to get into those classes the Lord would get me to that appointment on time. So i just waited. I usually like driving because it gives me an excuse to be alone with my thoughts and listen to music &c...but this morning i didn't really want to be alone with myself.
I've been in a worse than usual emotional and mental struggle this week, and before i knew it I began to feel myself sinking. I began to pray and put on some peaceful Sufjan to help quiet my heart. Aaaand i kept waiting.
I spent the next hour in a bumper to bumper smelly herd of cars.

At one point "Oh God Where are You Now?" began to play, and i sang softly with it. It is so peaceful, and it puts me in a place of calm almost no matter where i am or what i'm doing. That song makes me feel like i'm being hugged by Jesus. And i began to think about some things Sonny Bradley, a visiting member of the church in Memphis, was telling my family last night. He told us how he came to know the Lord, and it was an amazing story. About how God came right to him, no human intervention whatsoever (perhaps some one somewhere was praying for him), and ministered to his broken life in incredible, supernatural ways. And how he was given peace and calm in the midst of a storm...literally and figuratively. He was such a blessing to have around this weekend.
I wish i was a better talker and could have spoken to him personally...but perhaps another time...

Around 9:30, having not even reached the 5 freeway yet, i said out loud, "You sure are cutting this close, Lord".

I got to school at 10 am on the nose and was in the room with 5 minutes to spare in which to look over my tentative schedule and make sure i had written everything correctly. Thank You Jesus!

A guy in my class...Joe aka "Paint Pants"...just sat down next to me with a cancer stick. EEW

So, as far as i know, this spring i'll be taking Figure Drawing 3, Watercolor (my grandma will be happy about that one), Painting 3, and Asian Art History. I may also take another figure painting class, but i'm not sure yet.

I swear this guy is deliberately blowing smoke on me.

Anyway, so that's that. (Yaay he's leaving!)

i'm trying to decide whether or not to go to sculpture today...i really need to work on my painting. hmm. i have a couple of hours to make up my mind.

The Lord is faithful. Even when we're not...

My hair smells like cigarettes. Sweet.

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Jeff said...

I sometimes feel like everyone smokes in New York City. A lot of students at my school smoke. I tell them they are going to end up with holes in their throat because of those cancer sticks. Dead Death Sticks. My friends who I say this to supposedly hear me, and tell me they want to quit. Yet only one of them has. I would rather have gray hair early because of stress than cancer from smoking to relieve stress. Many of them use the excuse that they only smoke socially. Grossness to the max!

colleen said...

I know. Seriously. Everyone at LCAD smokes...and if i catch any of my friends doing it i give them looks of death. HA.

I wish you were coming to the show tomorrow Jeffybear! ):