Sunday, November 5

sing sing sing

i got a new lovely brush...

sunshine girl...

Last night friend Evan had a show in which his blown glass artwork was on exhibit.

After Bible Study, Sarah and i met up there with Amaris, cousin Jeff and various others...and a special surprize...

Acacia!! I did a double take and everything. She and David had driven down from SLO for the weekend and it was just delightful. (: So we hung out with her and listened to the band and looked at Evan's creations and talked to very strange people. Then Alec came and joined the happy party. The instant he saw David, ole Davey was deemed "Malibu Alec" and one of the greatest hugs i've ever seen took place. Afterwards David only had three words..."that was weird..."
Evan took a picture and it's floating around out there somewhere.

Today i painted Sarah...actually i just did an underpainting. But i enjoyed it immensely. I'm going to begin the "Real" work next weekend. Then Andrew came over and used our computer and we hung out a bit, then i booked it over to Alec's where i got to spend a few hours making myself hoarse singing for a song he and Pip wrote. It is a speldid peice of music...and not because i sang on it. I thought it sounded fantastic before i even had anything to do with it...those guys are just amazing.

The Recording Area...
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Then we met Sarah in old town and had Indian food. Sarah and Alec talked about gross things and made every word begin with the letter "B". I joined a little bit when i wasn't busy shushing them and plugging my ears. We got lots of interesting looks.


i like my friends.
scratch that...

i love my friends.


bood bight...bif bou ban bead bis bomment bith "B"'s.


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