Saturday, November 6


Last night i had some very strange dreams. One i can only remember in 3 parts...and it might be kind of boring. But you don't have to read it...

DISCLAIMER...the thoughts and/or actions of the "me" in this dream narrative do not necessarily represent the thoughts and/or actions of the "me" of waking life...

I was over at Kristina's house (or maybe she was over kind of looked like her house) late at night and we were talking, maybe watching a movie or something...i don't quite remember what we were doing but we did it for a while.
I finally was getting tired and i told her i needed to go to sleep. She looked at me and said "well what am I going to do? I'm not meeting the people from my bible study for another hour..." I thought to myself, "oh, i guess i'm just a time killer until she meets her REAL friends..." so i guess we decided to go do something.

Somehow we ended up in some sort of outdoor shopping plaza thing that was all hi-tech and snazzy, and i wanted to go into a beauty supply store to find some styling stuff for my hair. Now that's weird because i never do anything to my hair. Buuut it's a dream so...
Stina and i walk into the store which is sterile, kind of glowed with a green hue and had high vaulted ceilings. I think the walls were made of was very "futuristic". The latest in hair technology lined the numerous shelves and i looked around the room. Some guy who worked there walked up to me and asked if i needed help. He was about as tall as me (5'8) and had blonde spiked hair, glasses, artsy-chic clothes and all the jazz you expect someone to wear who would work in a place like that. I explained to him what i was looking for..."something to make the waves in my hair more defined, bla bla..." and he flamboyantly, yet aloofly steered me toward the counter, where behind it were the most recent shipments and he handed me a tube of some olive green gunk that looked like minty foot scrub and told me that it was exactly what i needed.
I decided to pass.
I looked around and noticed that Kristina was gone, so i left the store.
I saw her a little ways off with her back to me and when i reached her she had just finished talking to someone on her cell phone...and she was crying. i asked her what was wrong and she told me that her get together with her friends was cancelled, and she was mostly upset because it was supposed to be at her house that night and it didn't work out. We decided to go back to her house.
When we got there, we went into her room. But it was nothing like her room in that it was very empty...just a bed, desk and rug. There was a lamp giving some low light, making the room feel both cozy and somewhat brooding at the same time. We opened the door that led to the hall to find Stina's sister, Rebekka, and a friend in sleeping bags on the floor. They were bickering and poking and hitting each other. Stina went to talk to her parents and as i waited in the hall Rebekka and i got into a HUGE argument about something. I don't recall it's subject. I just remember i was fuming!
The dream fades after that.
Probably because i suddenly heard a doorbell ring...

I woke up and stared at the wall. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that i actually HAD heard a doorbell was the sound of my grandparent's call button that they push if they need help.
We're getting wood floors put into their room this weekend, so they slept in my parent's room last night. My mom was sleeping all the way in the living room on the couch and my dad was in the office with the door closed. Good thing our bedroom door was open a crack and i'm such a horribly light sleeper...Sarah and Acacia didn't even stir.
I soon understood that i was the only one that had heard it.
I got out of mass of hair wild around my head, stiff and dizzy from rising so fast, and walked across the hall to the room G&G were sleeping in.
Just to make sure i wasn't going crazy and hadn't really heard anything at all, i put my ear to the door to see if there was any sound in the room. Sure enough, i heard my grandma calling my mom's name in her feeble voice. I opened the door and asked what was wrong...grandpa had fallen, grandma told me. I looked over in the dark to his bed, and he was snugly tucked in...wondering why i was in the room. I looked at their clock... it said 5:01. Grandma was sitting up on the side of the bed going on about how he slipped, fell, couldn't get up, so she pushed the call button, etc etc...
I went over to him and took his hand...
"Are you okay, grandpa?"
He reached up toward me to see who i was, "It's Colleen, " i said.
"Oh...yes...i'm fine."
After a minute or so I went back to grandma who was trying to stand up to use the bathroom. "He's okay grandma." She turned the lamp on next to her bed...which blinded me for a few minutes.
She asked him about 5 more times if he was alright before he nearly started yelling at her, "Yes I'm FINE! I'm not HURT!!" and to be quiet and go to sleep. I helped grandma use her potty chair and got her back into bed, talking to me all the time. I made sure the bathroom door was open the right amount, that their night light was on, that they were warm enough...and i tucked grandma in.
"Thank you, darling," she said to me.
"You're welcome, good night." I turned out the lamp.
Blind again, i left the room to find my way back to my own bed, tripping over piles of my sister's clothes and stepping over Acacia. I don't know how long it took me to fall asleep...but it wasn't quick! The room was getting light again before i finally dozed off.
Even then, my dreams were even more confusing. Not that that's unusual or anything.


ross said...

hey, thanks for the advice.

i would love to drink gallons of green tea, but as I have never drank hot drinks of any kind (coffee, regular tea or the fancy stuff) I don't know that this is the way to go.

I don't drink alcohol either, so one might say that I am tremendously socially inept.

Chicken soup, on the other hand... with toast soldiers and a glass of chilled pure orange juice. Now, that is the tonic...

colleen said...

i'm not a big alcohol drinker either. only on (rare) occasion...
the chicken soup is definitely a plus.