Tuesday, November 2

Wouldn't you know it?

I just typed a whole page and the computer crashed! :D
Today is the election. Thank goodness it's almost over!!!
Yes, i voted. I even have my sticker to prove it. It says "I voted" how appropriate!
Something i am very grateful for is my lack of anxiety about the outcome of this election.
It's wonderful to be able to trust that everything will turn out the way it's meant to, that it's all in the Lord's hands....if only i could just apply that to my own life!

I'm just about getting my fill of sign-waving brawling sreaming angry freakish demonstrators who would shank their own mother in her sleep if she was part of an opposing party. Or the rows and rows of houses adorned with Bush or Kerry Banners. Here in LA i feel like we really get the brunt of it.
When i started this, Bush was ahead in the electoral votes 34-4 i think.
Now Kerry is ahead 77-66.
Anyway, what i especially will not miss is the bombardment-by-television. I don't even watch tv. But my grandparents have it on 24/7 so i can't help but be constantly hammered with propositions, news reels, conventions, Kerry this and Bush that, politics politics, VOTE OR DIE ads, bla bla bla...
Bush is ahead again, 89-77.
Unfortunately, i can't see the division in this country getting any better no matter who wins.
Holy Cow! 102-77 already!
ahem...no matter who wins. If Bush wins, all of his "fans" will have a field day...make that a field 4 years...out of voicing their ever-increasing discontent...many people won't support him no matter what he does. If Kerry wins, we'll never hear the end of "flip flop" digs, and controversies about his veteran days. Again, nothing he will do will be right in the eyes of some.

Didn't i just say i wouldn't worry about it?
See that's the problem with me.
156-108, Bush. 270 needed to win.
this is too exciting for words.

Off to my Art Center class i go! Maybe i'll post from there.
now 153-112...hmmm. interesting.

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