Sunday, November 14


Well, i was going to try and write something of some depth but i just spent the last hour or so walking my grandma around the backyard. Then i made her lunch. I listened to her babble about the flowers and the ferns and i got to pull some weeds. She poked at dirt clods with her cane and raved about how lovely her ginko tree was. I learned about oxalys, iris's, the proper way to trim a fig tree...half the time i admit i wasn't even listening. Just nodding and giving the occasional "mm hmm". She didn't notice, of course, and talked and talked and talked. It makes her happy.
It's a very large yard and consequently very overgrown because of the lack of attention in the past year. But my mom is determined to set things straight again, now that we're living here. She's already done a beautiful job with the front. Yet somehow my grandma still finds reason to complain to her about how she's doing everything wrong or whatever.
oh well.
at least it's a beautiful cool evening. the combination of the evergreens and the red and yellow trees glowing outside right now is glorious.
it's this time of year when it's cool and cloudy and the trees are ablaze that i can stand living in California!
yuck. got to go to work.
How do you tell someone something they don't want to hear?


Marianne said...

I don't really know how to tell something they don't want to hear. But I do know it's been on my heart lately to pray for you. So I've been praying. Even though I don't technically know you... Anyway...

colleen said...

thank you, Marianne...that really means a lot to me. (:
Do you know Andrew, by the way? I saw you comment on his blog.

Andrew said...

Hey, everyone else posted a comment so I figured I should to.

I know Marianne from a 3D modeling class we're in. She's a quality gal.


colleen said...

thaz cool.