Friday, November 19

Crickets, Quotes and Prickly Prayers

I can hear the Billy Graham Crusade out my open window.
Faintly, but it's there all the same.
Rejoicing music, praise, cheers, singing...
It made me smile. I'd love to go.

The traffic coming out of the Rose Bowl is going to be terrible tonight. :P
That wasn't cynicism by the way...just observation.
You know, fill space...

There are crickets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It's disgusting. I really hate bugs that can jump...seriously.They're not even the neat black ones...which i can mimimally tolerate. No, they're the ugly horrid nasty yellow ones that blend in with everything and jump on your feet and make you scream. Or just me.
My grandma tries to squish them with her cane, and my grandpa does his part by yelling at us to keep all of the doors closed all the time. There's always one mashed on the nice new floors somewhere. uuullllg.
The other day my grandma said to my dad:
"I kill crickets right and left. There are plenty out in the back yard if you want to shoot em."
After a pause ahe continued, mostly to herself:
"I want to find out if they're valuable to the environment before I kill them all."
Definitely a new classic quote by grandma.

I'm making a birthday card with Lude Jaw, i mean Jude Law all over it for Sarah. She's 20 on Monday. WOW...
I need to figure out where i want to go to school.

I'm very confused.
I still have a stomachache.
Today's Friday. We're not really having a Bibly Study...just prayer and singing. I wish i didn't feel so freaking antisocial.
Sometimes i just want to strangle people to their senses.
Mostly myself...especailly right now...

What a _______________week.

I can't even think of the right word to justify it...

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