Tuesday, November 16

no way.

wow. This just made me laugh...which is good...because it's been such a strange week. I've been one of those haywire irritating emotional people i dislike so much...you know...one of those who just permeate their surroundings with their spiteful brooding. Not that i was trying to be spiteful. Just unable to gracefully channel the frustrations that came my way. That's something i've had to work on for a while now. They say the first step to success is admitting that you have a problem...blagh.

Anyway, i think some people in this country have far too much time on their hands. That and their priorities are way screwed up. Either way, no one will ever convince me to eat sushi made of soybeans.


ross said...

hey Colleen,

it's dead easy.

1. Highlight (ie left click and drag) the word or words you want to use for a hyperling.

2. Click the link symbol at the top of the page. I think it looks like an infinity symbol or something like that.

3. Type in the name of the webpage you wish to link in the toolbar provided.

4. Bingo!

Jeff said...

Colleen I love the question on the fish website that asks, "What about Jesus and the fish? Didn't Jesus eat fish?" and the websites answer to the question. I couldn't finish reading it all because it was so absurd, but it got me to laugh.

Jeff said...

Ich versuche, auf Deutsch zu schreiben, aber ich denke nicht, daß dieser viel sinnvoll ist

colleen said...

du bist komisch. Wie weisst du wie etwas Deutsch schreiben?

Jeff said...

Ich habe meine Geheimnisse :-)