Wednesday, December 19

semester: over. sleep: not.

End of finals! That means...Saturday night dance dance!
Edan Red and Phill letting loose

Edan just recently got the video game Rock Band, so the four of us played it. they were happy because now there was a fourth person (me) to sing so they could focus on guitar, bass and drums.
Here are our characters we got to create. Apparently, we are in our "space cowboy" stage. which explains the costumes. maybe.

from the left...Edan, me, Phill and Red (greatest character ever)

the real life band photo

more people continued to arrive...

and the fever spread.

Next day...Chipotle after church...

beautiful afternoon

mom made Christmas cookies

Fast-forward to last night!
a trip to the happiest (and wettest) place on earth...
i met Edan, Phill and Beau at Disneyland...and it almost immediately began to pour...which was great, considering we stood in line outside for the Finding Nemo ride for about 45 minutes. and i accidentally splashed them with my wellies. if you don't know what those are, that sentence probably sounded really funny.

Beau, Phil and Edan looking cool. and not just chromatically.


that is all

it's strange being out of school...but i'm still extremely busy, as i'm finally doing all of the things i was neglecting because of homework. and as of today all my friends from school are off to their respective corners of the continent; so aside from working in my studio in Laguna, i'm hoping to stick around here and play some real catch-up with my lovely family and California friends.
and write.
i'm kind of working on a special project right now...
and i'm hoping i'm not getting sick...i've been kind of running hard on empty for the last few weeks and i'm starting to feel it.

but if i do get sick that just means more time to write.

One more very important thing: please please pray for Sarah. i don't care if she gets mad that i say this...but she's been strangely sick for a long time and isn't getting better. i hope the Lord tells us what is going on soon...because i'm worried. thanks everyone...


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