Tuesday, December 4

vater und sohn

So here is the best picture i have of the painting i did for Joey...i have a few touch-ups to do but it's pretty much done. Caid's hand is close to the most difficult thing i have ever painted. have you ever painted a baby's hand?? it's like trying to make little sausages look like fingers. i'm excited to start another painting because i learned a lot doing this one and i want to experiment and try a few more things.

I started a new big drawing, too...so i'm also revved up for that.

today i dropped all my work at my gallery and filled out consignment forms and get the pricing all done and tomorrow i;m going over there to help hang the show...which is on Thursday. i'm so terrified.

so school is going well!

everything else, though...i don't know what God is doing. Lord what are You working on? when will i know what direction to face...?

i have to get to class at 2.

more pictures later, hopefully.


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