Thursday, September 18

avid sister

i'm at Video Symphony with sarah, keeping her company while she works on the editing equipment in preparation to start classes again next week. she is putting together the wedding video, which looks great so far...
so i brought books...and stuff to write...and fruity gum to chew on...

tomorrow i'm driving down to San Diego to go to the Street Scene, and i am immensely excited. i'll be dead tired, but that's okay. i was also supposed to see Goldfrapp on sunday but i don't have $45 for a ticket. :(

hmmm hmm. isn't she the most loveliest? i mean Sarah, of course

i like just being near her. not seeing her a lot makes me want to always hug her and tap her and tell her random things when i'm able to have 5 minutes alone with her. kind of like i want to do right now...but i have to let her work so SHHHHH be quiet! you're so annoying. geez.


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