Tuesday, September 2

hmm hmm

hi. i'm in laguna niguel again...i have to go pick up Dee from her physical therapy pretty soon, but i thought i'd just write a little bit about what i've been up to. in general, lots of driving, talking and making stuff. not enough sleeping...especially when dancing at the Echo on sunday night to Morrisey...hooray for Smith's night!!
i started 2 new paintings...one of my sister, and a landscape for my uncle tom.
listening to lots of music...beach house (of course), and a few mixes people have given me. thank you alec and pip.
sarah alec and i watched the first 2 harry potter movies b/c alec had never seen them...that was pretty fun. i hadn't seen them in years...
last night was the first UCLA game in the Rose Bowl and i could hear people screaming and cheering while i was in my bedroom with the fan on. the fireworks pretty much scared Maela half to death...
kristina and i made pickles on saturday...they should be ready in just over a week!
i can't wait for the weather to get cold. we've had a pretty mild summer, so it'll be a while i'm guessing. bummer.
yesterday i went to Alec and Sarah's and sare made belgian waffles.
been doing okay...still waiting to hear back about a job prospect. there are some commissions i may have coming up that i'm excited about.

okay that's all for now :)


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