Monday, September 22

Hans and Jane Celebrate Mabon, part 1

Once, in a quiet green country next to an old, old forest, there was a little mouse named Hans.
Now Hans was so very unspectacular that there really is no good reason to write about him. He was a bit small (even for mouse) and kept his little home very tidy. The latter is worth mentioning because most mice are very messy; letting food fall and scatter where it may, and worse, not even having a separate room for grooming!--and other, ah, more private activities. He lived in a little wooden box next to a field, and was very comfortable; yes, quite content.
Indeed, up until the day of which i am writing, one could say that the most extraordinary thing Hans ever did was to sleep too long one Wednesday and miss his morning stretch.
Today, however (unbeknownst to him), would be different. He awoke with the dawn, and performed his exercises in the pure light of a new day. He made use of a few drops of dew to wash his coat, and carried two more inside with him. One to drink with his breakfast, and the other for when Jane came over. Jane was his particular friend, who could be also described as peculiar, for she enjoyed painting.
She arrived promptly at 8:15, carrying a ripe raspberry. Hans squeaked in delight and they both went inside to enjoy their now much-improved meal. They sat at a little flat rock that served excellently as a table. Jane told Hans about the things she had seen on her way over, about the leaves on the trees starting to turn gold and scarlet (she always used very exciting names for colors), and how she climbed into a briar to pick the very last berry she could see (she was also very thoughtful).
"Did you know," said Jane, "that today is the first day of autumn?"
"Is it?" replied Hans. "I hadn't realized that it had come so soon!" Jane always remembered these things.
She took a sip of her water. "The year has gone by rather quickly."
Hans nodded, his mouth full of raspberry.
"What do you suppose we should do?" She asked.
Hans swallowed. "Do?"
"Of course! It's Mabon Day! We should celebrate." She studied his lack of enthusiasm. "Last year you insisted on dusting. I couldn't even get you outside."
Hans stared at his paws, "Well, it was important," he replied feebly.
"Not this year," said Jane. "This year i have something planned."
Hans thought of all the things that would have to be put off until tomorrow. "Alright," he said, doing his best to sound positive. "But first let me clean up breakfast."
"Oh good good!" Jane hopped up and began to clear the little table immediately.


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