Thursday, September 4

starbucks has been spelling my name right lately...what does it MEAN??

so. my day so far.

this morning Dee decided to wake up at's a good thing i'm a light sleeper!! :D (:P)

i gave her a shower, made breakfast, and spent the rest of the morning finishing packing her suitcase and cleaning up the house (she's leaving with her family to go to a wedding for 4 days)

i then drove back to orange and saw a movie by myself. a rare thing that i enjoy immensely.

right now i am sitting in a starbucks. there is (are?) a man and a woman about 10 feet away who are gossiping and saying the f-word about every 8 seconds.
i'm really hungry but i kind of regret buying a cheese danish instead of going next door to get a salad.
coffee is good.
about 6 inches from my hand is Breaking Dawn...of which i have only a few more chapters. i have been putting off reading them for days!!!
well, because that's what i do.
oh thank God...the couple left.
anyway, i don't know if i can bring myself to completely finish the book.

when i leave here i'm going to my apartment to pack and clean for a few hours. i've been procrastinating like crazy moving out...i really need to get on it...
then this evening i'm back to laguna to see some friends and show them an impromptu movie that we made last month that i edited together. so that should be fun :)
now that i have my camera back (mom and dad took it with them to hawaii) there will be more pictures. promise.

i thought i was going to be all mopey today because...well, to be honest, i've been really sad and lonely :D
...but it's been alright! probably because i've kept myself from thinking too hard.
very healthy.

anyway, now that in a hyper moment of writing (thank you caffeine) i've given out way too much information, i will go. the danish is calling me; and i have a book to finish.



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