Monday, September 29

Hans and Jane Celebrate Mabon, part II

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When they stepped outside, the two friends breathed in air that felt distinctly more crisp and spicy than it was yesterday. Perhaps knowing it was the first day of autumn made their imaginations a little more active, but really, does it matter?
"Jane", said Hans after they had walked a few minutes, "My mother always used to tell me it was dangerous to go out on Mabon."
Jane looked over at him, carefully and quickly stepping over and around acorns, oak leaves and pebbles with all 4 of her tiny feet. "Some creatures think it is an evil day," she replied quietly. "The ones that walk on 2 legs sometimes do strange things in the woods. They use fire, dark colors, and it smells awful weird."
Hans shivered, but not because he was cold.
"Anyway," Jane went on, "I don't know what any of it means. I just know it's the day we thank the Grand Maker for the orange leaves, the clear air, and all the other things that happen when autumn comes."
Hans thought this over as they crawled over a very large root. "That sounds nice," he said.
When they made it over the root, Jane stopped. "I think this is it," she said; mostly to herself. Her nose pointed into the air, as she looked above her. Hans followed her gaze, and lifted his eyes into the canopy of an enormous old oak tree. He knew it well. Its gnarled but graceful branches, spreading farther than any other oak in the forest both fascinated and frightened him. Something so big, so old, had to have a kind of power in it...and it made him feel afraid and safe at the same time. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts, he didn't even notice that Jane had begun walking away.
"Hans!" she called.
He looked at her, and to his surprise, she had begun to climb the tree!
"This way! Come!"
"Up the tree?" he squeaked, his feet moving him slowly in her direction.
"Yes of course! Don't tell me you've never climbed it before??"
Hans felt a little embarrassed. "No," he said quietly, looking at his fingers.
At this Jane gave a little laugh of joy. "Excellent! Then this will be even better!" She exclaimed. "Come on, Hans! Oh stop staring at your feet and follow me. It really isn't that terrible. And you'll be really glad you did; you'll see."
"Okay" said Hans. And he began pulling himself up.


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