Friday, May 30

it's been a while

Yesterday was my friend Tiffany's birthday. After an afternoon with our friends at Disneyland and a dinner at Joe's Crab Shack, we went to a 21:55 showing of "The Fall".

i don't want to say much, because i really knew almost nothing before seeing it.
i will say, however, that i don't remember the last time i was so completely absorbed into a movie. it is unique in expected ways: visually, of course...and unexpected: like the interactions between the two main characters, and the fact that the fantastical elements, though glorious and stunning, do not take themselves too you will understand if you see it. and i think it works out beautifully.

anyway that's all. :)

this is just my opinion. i recommend going in with no expectations. Sarah always says i build things up too much.

know what? just...forget i wrote anything.



sarah said...

i love you.



Kallista Ianthe said...

Oh yes, I saw The Fall last night. It was just as you say. Cute, intense, and beautiful.
love you colleen, ~Kallista

Anna Adams said...

HA! did you read my evaluation of this movie on my blog?! it's kind of exactly the same. YAY!