Tuesday, March 29


I took this picture of Maela today. I thought it was just too cute to...not...show off.

Sarah gets to be on the set of CSI this week and watch them film an episode. That's pretty awesome for her! I'd personally rather be on the set of The X-Files...but that's abvously not an option so...oh well.

This little bit of info makes me happy for a great number of reasons. Simple pleasures, you know?



Dave said...

Hello doggy (Maela...uh, just in case you were confused...yeah, onward)
Anyway. That Irish sign thing is ironic given that many of the Gaelic names were translated from the English in the first place and didn't exist in history as they're claiming. They'll need to add wee phonetic bits underneath as well. Silly, but fun, I suppose.

colleen said...

fine fine! Just burst my pathetic little bubble!