Thursday, March 24

"Grusome, isn't it?? Wonderful for Children!!!"

Laughed my German teacher in class today.

Frau Fogle decided to read to us from a children's book that's extremely popular in Germany. It's called Der Struwwelpeter...and it exemplifies only the best in "be-good-or-die" morals for children.
The first one she read to us was a sweet tale about a little boy who sucked his thumb so much, that even after repeated warnings from his mother regarding an evil rampaging Taylor running around lopping off the thumbs of naughty little children...he continues to do so. You can see where this is going, ja? Hence, the charming illustration. You can find the story here, with translation by Mark Twain...
Die Geschichte vom Daumanlutscher

Up next was a truly delightful story about a little boy who won't eat his soup, and what happens to him in 5 days.
Die Geschichte vom Suppen-Kaspar

he he. We (my class) found them quite amusing.'s raining. again.
i think i'm actually ready for a bit of sunshine.

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