Monday, February 25

warning: naked lady

Sarah insisted i put up pictures of the painting i just finished...even though i hate the way my paintings look in pictures. photography pulls all the dimension out of things and hours of work just runs flat >:(
just trust me when i say it looks different when you see it in person...

melissa 24x30

anyway, i'm pretty happy with it. i learned a lot of things while working on it, so that's good. i hate that cat...i think i'm going to take it out because it's simply terrifying.

i woke up with my stupid back all achy and sending pangs up and down my spine...but it's feeling a little better. probably because i'm sitting in my nice cushy orange chair in my studio.


i'm low...i'm lower than i've been for a long time.
i'm not confused about much anymore. i know what God is doing (and if i don't know i trust Him). i have a lot to be excited about.

but sadness has a way of blanketing everything in no matter what is surrounding you, all you see is grey.
the heart is so damn fragile. when it's pricked it's all you can feel.

Bob Meyers brought a great message yesterday...i'll write about it a little later if i can.


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Nathan said...

Saw your comment over on AJ's blog, and this is a great blog! I really dig the painting.

I love art and only took a handful of classes since my undergrad was in architecture. That included a figure drawing class, and geesh folks don't realize how hard it is to draw the human body (for most people).

Anyways...good stuff.