Thursday, February 7

so far so good

Here is my painting of Edan so far...keep in mind the color is, in reality, more intense, and the photo is a bit glared where i haven't yet added medium.
i'm very happy with it. lots more to do, though. but that's okay. last night he came into my studio wearing the same shirt, so i got to paint some of it from exciting. someday i'll get to paint actual people from life and i will be so happy...! in about 45 minutes i'm heading up to the main campus to photograph my friend Ashlee for a possible painting and tomorrow i'm hoping to photograph Nick. and there are about 20 others i want to paint too, but we'll see. :P

it's warmer today, i can go outside without 3 layers and a scarf. there were little orange flowers on the hills on my way into Laguna this morning. i made an audible happy sound in my car, even though i was driving all alone.

tonight i get to draw a naked guy. whee!!


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