Friday, February 29

i dropped the pots. all of em.

long week...long tiring week. but at the moment i'm pretty chill (yo)

here is a terribly blurred and glared photo of the "finished" drawing of Ashlee as a study for the painting. i'll try to get a better one...

lay-in of the painting. my lay-ins are bizarre and scary but i'm showing it anyway.

Phil and Phill

almost there...

i need to get these professionally photographed so you can really see them.

so, today i kind of had an epiphany...i think, i think...i might want to be an art teacher.

i think.

up until about an hour ago it was the last thing on earth i wanted to do.

i think.

i don't know how long i'll hang on to it. we'll see...
yesterday i got to wash dishes and eat amazing food. i get to do it again tomorrow night! wahoo

i'm also ecstatic to the point of delusion because Trevor will be at church on Sunday. and it's pot luck. man i'm lucky.


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