Friday, February 29

en train de

Well, i got the portrait to this can see the difference in how it looked earlier today in the picture below.

i know it's not right i know it's actually all wrong. at this point it just looks ugly and misshapen and terrifying. the skin has no life in it, the eyes aren't placed well, the lips are too high, the chin too long, &c...and then there are the subtle things...
but that's the process! i usually don't let people see my paintings in the weird underpainting stages because it just looks...all wrong.
and i have a very prideful nature. this is self-induced therapy you are witnessing here, people. not easy for colleen.

so don't you dare judge me.

just wait a couple of weeks.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...


you could make a ton of money in
Santa Fe with that painting...and
this is the art capital of the world!
(gag)Your better than anyone who's work I've seen here. Maybe I am just revealing my lack of taste, but I want to hang it on my wall.