Wednesday, May 31

My all it's glory.

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It's hot...but it has also been beautiful. It's finally starting to cool off right now...summer evenings are the best part about this time of year, in my opinion. That and the pretty pictures you can take.





I started a painting of Laurel. Well, all i have is the drawing. But i like that, so far.

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(there's another painting underneath it)

Over the weekend i went to a retreat in Oakbridge, San DIego. It was wonderful and confusing and strange for me. Perhaps i will go into it later. It was nice to see Nicole and Jeff and the rest of his family and all those people i never get to see but once a year or so. Even though i was my usual antisocial self. o well.
If they ever send me pictures, i'll post them too.

i wish i could get myself to be more creative. invent stories...draw pictures...write songs...
It seems like all i'm surrounded by is inspiration...why do i feel so dull?

i should go work on my painting.

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