Saturday, May 6

Highway 133

Highway 133
The drive to school was so beautiful the past few weeks...the hills are blanketed in yellow wildflowers...i'm actually looking forward to a little warm weather.

I'll be at school painting again tomorrow and Monday...and then i'm done!!! aaahhhhhh...

Weird week. The little sleep i got was light and troubled...two nights were especially bad. sometimes i really hate living alone. I don't know why i was under such attack...

anyway, i'm better now after a good sleep-in back at home. Last night Sarah and i watched Monsoon Wedding...i loved it. Films that make you really feel the substance and importance of another culture have such a huge impact on me.

oh...i adjusted the comments box so you can leave a little note even if you're not a member of blogger.

Hope everyone is faring well!

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