Wednesday, May 17

Guess who got here yesterday...?

Laurel!! hooray!
She arrived last night around 8 just in time for prayer meeting, after which she, Sarah, Pip and i went for a night walk around the neighborhood and into the hills. it was lovely...we walked all the way up to Art Center before turning around.
Then Sarah Laurel and i drove down to my apartment in Orange because i had to be at school today to paint. This is Sarah and Laurel sitting on the couch...Laurel in one of her "ridiculous dresses" (as she called them)...


So they came to my class with me...and watched me paint! They entertained themselves with weird stories and reading and drawing, etc. in fact, here's a picture of Laurel telling a surely very enthralling tale (as most of hers are...)


and looking intelligent (as she always does...)


we took an overly long break for Lunch, met with a friend from school, and i showed them aroud the campus. Here are Sarah and Laurel walking around the sculpture area (along with



Oh, and here is a hillside, "so Chad can see what the hills look like here", said Laurel.


After class we drove back to Pasadena, Sarah went to class, and Laurel and i made Trader Joe's fajitas (very good) and watched Howl's Moving Castle...
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very strange...but also very good. Miyazaki is my hero...for any of you people out there that may not already know that.

Then back down to Laguna again on Friday for a meeting about the Europe trip...i'm starting to get a little tired of driving so much...especially with gas at $3.49 a gallon.

it is now time for me to begin the long process of going to bed. Actually, a shower sounds pretty good right now.

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