Sunday, April 10

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Happy Birthday to Pip.

It was on the 6th. Yesterday was his raging partaaay. We had excellent fare, good company, and some very engaing rounds of Mafia.
It was much fun, Pip. You should be proud.

Stayed home from church today to be on grandparent duty so my mom could go.
In the past years as he's gotten older, my grandpa has been known to say rhymes or sing songs off the top of his head whenever he happens to remember them. Usually a little diddy from the 40's, or a slightly vulgar quip to make my grandma mad.

The surprise is no longer his suddenly saying them, but what it is he's going to say.
While he and grandma were in the living room and i was making them lunch, i heard my grandpa recite...

"Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
and Jill came tumbling after."

He paused, apparently satisfied with having remembered the whole thing, then said, "Isn't that the dumbest thing?" and his eyes wandered, unfocused, in my grandma's direction.

Grandma kept her eyes on the golf game. "I wonder what that means..." she said quietly, "...broke his crown..."

Grandpa frowned slightly. "Don't you know?? He broke his head!!!"

"Oh I know," replied my grandma. "It's just--"

"What do they care anyway. The people who wrote those things," said grandpa.

Grandma thought for a moment. "Well," she began, "it might have had something to do with the views on the monarchy at that time--"

"Whatever," said my grandpa.

And that was that!

He's been behaving himself pretty well today...which is nice. Because i'm tired. It's gorgeous outside, though...I got some lovely sun on my shoulders. I'm so glad to be on spring break this week.
I don't want to do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Have a happy Sunday.


JohnH985 said...


Thanks for the comment on my site. Don't ever worry about being too long, I long enteries, I like to read someone else's views.

Sorry that it's so tough on you with your grandparents. Is your grandmother allright? Does your grandfather have Alzhiemers?

Thanks for the comments about the music. I know of Iron and Wine, I've never actually heard them but I've heard of them. I'm going to have to get some cds by Surjan. He sounds like someone I might like.

This june Im going to Boonaroo, three days of music and camping. I think it should be great, I can't wait.

Hope you had a great sunday.


colleen said...

My grandma has's a degenerative disease, recently well known as the ailment of the Pope and Michael J. Fox, among others. It's really awful.

My grandpa is just old. Old and cranky...and almost blind to boot. But he's got his health! Unlike my grandma, who can hardly walk, use her hands, feed herself etc. Yet she manages to maintain an optomistic spirit beyond the wildest dreams of my grandpa...which helps a lot.