Thursday, April 14


it's getting tense around here...

lots of yelling and screaming and all-around gaiety...makes for interesting mornings! It's not always like that, just lately. In that respect, it will be nice to move out this summer.

then there are good times. like fun with nutella.

The problem with Spring Break is that i have a lot of homework...but have i done any of it?

I've got other things to do! Like taking walks! Laying in the sun! Watching dvd's into the far reaches of the night! Going to Disneyland!
We're doing Disneyland today...Laurel's younger sisters have never been. Laurel only went for the first time on my birthday in October, as you see here.

it ought to be a splendid time.

Jeff Smith was at Vromans Tuesday night, i had the last volume of Bone signed by him.
So that's kinda cool.vol9

Well, i suppose i should go finish getting ready. The happiest place on earth is waiting...


JohnH985 said...

You're a Bone fan too! I love Bone. I bought all the issues as they came out and than finally bought the big all in one volume, it's like a phone book. Bone is cool.

colleen said...

It's true, i do enjoy Bone. My friends and i have been following it for quite a while.
I'm glad the last issue finally came out...