Monday, April 4


So, i'm trying not to worry.
i'm trying not to worry about a great many things, none of which warrant no worry themselves, as they are that which give me the most reason to allow worry to enter into my daily functioning, but nevertheless are subject to being dealt with as such that they are, as things of which i see as worrisome...but can no longer be called so.
That made no sense...i think. But didn't it sound smart?? :P

All ridiculousness aside, i do worry too much. it drives me nutty. yes, nutty.

There are about 3.8 million things running through my head that i want to write about...yet i just spent the last 2 minutes staring at the screen.
You'll just have to wait.
I am sincerely sorry.

There's a little bug drinking my milk...


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Yes yes, it makes perfect sense that you are so worried. You are an adult now, and concerned with matters of great consequence.

You should worry about everything as much as you possibly can- for althought worrying does nothing to solve problems [it actually makes them far worse], it is what is expected of you as a responsible adult and contributing member of society. You see, all adults were children once --but thank goodness-- few of them remember it. That being said, be glad you are one of the responsible ones concerned with matters of great consequence. These grave matters will fill your day with meaningful content that is relevant to today's post-modern world.

keep worrying! It's good for the economy!

Andrew said...

irony, folks. sheesh.