Thursday, April 21

there there

So here i am. It's a warm day (a bit too warm for me), I'm out of school for the week, i'm drowsy, and i'm lisening to an early live recording of a There There (by Radiohead) played at a show in 2002. Mp3 provided by none other that Ross the Great. Thank you thank you, good sir.
The song has certainly come a long way.

Here's a picture of me and Katie, by the way, at Pip's birthday party.

Last night Kristina was here and we raided the liquor cabinet...some of the stuff in there is from the 70's! We made ourselves little mixed drinks with Bailey's and Creme de Menthe &c. It was quite good.

I'm tired. This evening we're having a girl's prayer meeting so that's something to look fprward to, and i think Sarah and i are going to watch Lawrence of Arabia again tonight. This time with Kristina...she's never seen it. So that'll be fun.

I'm sure this is very interesting to you all.

We Suck Young Blood Just Started...i like it, but it's putting me to sleep. I really was going to write more...but i think i'll go lay down. It's been a long week of long nights.

bis montag...vielleicht...

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