Friday, April 15


real quick...
us at the land of Disney.

That's me next to the girl who does not look like my sister. I'm crouching so low in this realize that i'm actually about 4 inches taller that Sarah, my sister, the "dark one". (;

it's been a weird day...


JohnH985 said...

Hope you had a good time at Disney World.

ross said...

hey colleen, good to hear that you had fun x 3 in the land of white gloves.

Did you get my email about Iron and Wine?

JohnH985 said...

I got the newest cd from Sufran Stevens (sp?) and I thought it was great. I like his music, I loved the titles of his songs.

Question for you: can i add a link to your site from my page?

colleen said...

ross-i just e-mailed you.

john-go right ahead!